swanlily (swanlily) wrote in turn__right,

Little Black Book (Movie)

Little Black Book is a cute and funny story starring Brittany Murphy as Stacy Holt, an aspiring producer working currently for a daytime talk show. She suddenly finds out that her boyfriend dated a famous model, and then wonders what other exgirlfriends he has. The deeper she travels into his life, the more lines she crosses. Holt stumbles acrosses his Palm Pilot and finds out all about his past life with exgirlfriends and what he's been hiding. But trouble comes when she befriends one of his exes.

The story is a cute classic chick flick, with some comical appeal, even if a little cheesy at times. But, the real kicker for the story is the ending. I would have to say that the ending really made the movie; not only is it completely surprising, tear-jerking, and introspective...it makes a bold statement about life. I would watch this movie over again, just to see the ending.

Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5. But, honestly, the extra .5 stars there are just for the ending alone.

I heard the movie got pretty bad ratings, but it was much better than I expected.
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