Kristan (bohemianthief) wrote in turn__right,

Movies: Uptown Girls, the Notebook

Uptown Girls
Sadly, this was not nearly what I'd hoped. My friend recommended it to me as a cute chick flick, so my expectations were already set for "mindless entertainment." But it didn't even live up to that: Dakota Fanning and the Pig were about the only highlights. (Well, no: Mark McGrath, Duncan Sheik, and Dave Navarro had some dorky, and thus fun, cameos.) But the premise was simply... lame, most of the parts were over-acted, and the pace was much too slow. The only redeeming factor, if you swing this way, is Jesse Spencer. And even his character's a jerk.

Rating: 2 out of 5
(I didn't like it, but I didn't turn it off either.)

// I just watched it [above], and I thought this place could use more than just glowing reviews. That being said, hahaha... //

The Notebook
OMG SOOOOO GOOD! Ryan Gosling is a great actor -- he rowed and did carpentry daily for two months as preparation, and even built the dining table used in the movie! -- and you'd never know Rachel McAdams isn't 17 in the beginning of the film. (At least, you wouldn't if I didn't tell you that she was a decade older.) The book is, as in most similar cases, better, but the movie is still fantastic. Seriously people, bring tissue, 'cause most of the audience couldn't breathe through their noses they were so stuffy at the end. It's all about true love, and it's beautiful. The director could have cut between the old couple reading the story and the young couple in the story a lot more smoothly, but hey, believe me, you'll forget about it.

Rating: 5 out of 5
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