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hey, im megan :) my dad saw this movie in the early 80's, and we recently bought it on DVD. sorry if this is a little too long :X

The Gods Must by Crazy

This is the story of a young African Bushman named Xi. (yes that's how it's spelled, the Bushmen language consists of spoken words along with clicks & popping noises made in the throat or mouth.) The movie starts out seemingly as a documentary, showing the life of the Xi's small family/tribe. One day an airplane pilot drops a glass Coke bottle from the sky, and Xi discovers it and brings it home to the tribe. The tribe is fascinated with the object, which confuses them as it appears to look like water, but feels hard. They assume that the Gods sent it down to them. Soon the family decides it is best to be rid of the "thing", and conclude that the gods must be crazy for sending it to them. In this way Xi sets off to throw the object off of the edge of the world. His journey to the end of the earth includes getting mixed in with some "civilized" people and much more. Throughout the movie a narrator pops up to translate and explain the Bushman's feelings. I found the film charming. Made in the early 80's, this comedy is almost a documentary, as Xi (who's real name is N!xau) and the members of his family are real-life Bushmen. Simple-minded Xi finds some of the "civilized" people's ways completely crazy! The movie shows how "barbarian" or "civilized" is all a matter of perspective. The jokes are simple and silly, but cute. The movie does drag on, and some of the parts with the terrorists aren't explained enough to get you interested. In my opinion they should have shown more of the Bushmen and less of the crazy "civilized" people, although there are a few Charlie Chaplin style jokes involving a British man and a jeep. It can get hard to watch as it feels much longer than it really is, but I recommend it if you're in the mood for a light-hearted story.
Rating: 4 out of 5
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