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I recently discovered this community and I'm in love. It's a wonderful idea and hopefully more people will join soon! I'm Lauren, and please feel free to add me. I will most likely add you back. ♥♥


Moonlight Mile

I watched this movie recently and found it to be one of the most touching and well-written pieces of cinema that I have seen in a long time. The story itself is captivating, centering around the fiance (Jake Gyllenhaal) and parents (Susan Sarandon, Dustin Hoffman) of a recently murdered young woman. Her fiance is in the awkward situation of living with her parents and going into business with her father. The family is fragile and full of grief, which leads the fiance to withhold a secret from them. As he deals with his own sadness and at the same time learns to love again, he comes to terms with the memory of his wife-to-be. The story is poigant and the music that accompanies this 1960's-set piece is wonderful. The final scene is especially wonderful. And so, I give it:

5 out of 5 stars.
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